To the one who didn’t fit in

To that person who didn’t get invited to a gathering they wanted to attend, the one who had to take a step back because only two can walk on the footpath, the one who said a hilarious joke but no one laughed cause no one was paying attention, the one who is constantly belittled and whispered about, the one who watched everything but from the sidelines.

The one who wanted to be heard when no one was listening.

The one who just wanted to fit in.

You don’t understand how special and worthy of love you are. And I am sorry that people have made you believe otherwise.

Don’t break and bend yourself to fit into a container that’s rusty and old. Don’t crave for acceptance from the people who’ll never truly understand you. Don’t fake your extraordinary to be someone ordinary.

You’ll come across people who will appreciate you for who you are, who will love the silent moments and listen to your crazy thoughts, who will defend you even in your absence, who will pay attention to your quirks and dislikes, who will remember your favorite movies and food.

Your past self may have told you to hide yourself but don’t. Embrace yourself. Love yourself.

Give yourself a hug and pat your back for achieving all that you have. Be happy, enjoy the little things, accept every flaw you think you have.

Trust me, your future self will thank you one day.

You are too lovable and strong to drown in self-pity.

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