How to love YOURSELF!

How to love others YOURSELF!

You have some insecurities, I have some. We all have some! But this should not be the reason why you crave approval from others. Or why you find it so hard to love yourself.

Loving others or hoping others will love you is not a solution – it is not the right way to live a happy life either.

So start being your own best friend, your own saviour, your own ONE TRUE LOVE.

Let’s go and find some ways to self-love.

Here are 6 ways on how to love YOURSELF!

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1.Most important person:

Fun fact – you are THE most important person in your entire life. There is absolutely no one who knows your true self, your secrets, your quirks, your preferences and your insecurities more than you yourself.

Which is exactly why there is no one who can love you as much you can love yourself.

So don’t go looking for someone to have a relationship with, instead start having one with yourself.

Go out, watch the sunrise, eat something you love, gift yourself something super sweet and most importantly love yourself daily.

2. Stupid cynical self:

You are your best self-critic. I guess we all are just programmed that way, to hate the little things about ourselves and then focus on those alone.

Those horrible days when you feel the worst about yourself and overthink every little thing, including why the milkman was a little rude today.

Negativity eats you up alive and you start to suffocate, some of us unfortunately spend our whole life like this – self-loathing and overthinking.

And that is the worst thing to do, because you are so amazing and perfectly imperfect.

And remember, those bad and misunderstandings that happened, they ARE NOT your fault.

So think about all the amazing stuff you have and can have, don’t criticise yourself. Show a little self-love.

3. Pamper hamper:

Watched FRIENDS? Remember how Monica pampered herself with a lovely scented candle bath? DO IT.

If you love it? Just do it, don’t think about what others will think.

Let’s start small – SMILE, the more you smile, the more happier you feel.

Dance, not necessarily in front of a crowd. Lock your room, hop on the bed and play your favourite track and shake that sexy booty.

Travel, is there a place you have been dying to visit and explore? Goooooooooo… NOW. And click a million pics, all with a big fat grin.

4. No, they are not better than you:

One of the most common ways to self-loathe is wondering if they are better than you. The answer is NO. Just a huge flat NO.

Yes, you have a lot of imperfections, a lot of bad qualities but guess what – so do they.

Just because you don’t know theirs doesn’t mean they are perfect. They have flaws too, maybe even more than you. Don’t let their fake-ness affect your amazing-ness.

Stop comparing yourself with others. You are you, with all the quirks and weirdness and craziness, you are a packet full of awesomeness that you must love and spread around.

Everyone needs a little bit of YOU.

5. Express yourself:

People leave you, be it friends, family, lover or just a colleague. That’s a fact you understand over time. The hard part is accepting this fact.

Losing you, is a loss that they shall suffer. Trust yourself on this.

But there are a few people around you, right now – those who have supported you and made you smile in hard times. Express your gratitude towards them, let them know how thankful you are for their mere presence.

Don’t hold yourself back when it comes to confessing love, including yourself.

Remind yourself daily that you love this flawed nerdy stupid-decision-making heart and mind.

6. Bring back the inner child:

A fact I truly believe, we all have an inner child that is forever alive.

It doesn’t matter what your age is, or what your job is. A part of you still wants to jump on a trampoline and feel dizzy, have ice cream in the coldest of nights without thinking about the upcoming cold tomorrow, make funny faces without people judging you, sit on a swing and just look at the clouds peacefully.

Do all the things you did as a child that made you happy.

Tell me why have you stopped doing all of those?

Growing up doesn’t mean stop being happy. It means being happy with just a touch of maturity.

And sometimes, it is okay to let go, let your heart wander around and do what it loves.

Bring back you inner child, you loved it, others will too.

Here’s to self-love and self-confidence. Cheers!!!

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Stay fabulous and make yourself proud of yourself!

Be beautifully weird!

Much Love, Womanonrampage

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