Style Hacks – 1 Dress 5 Ways.

Major Style Hacks!

Wear One dress in Five Ways!

Have an old dress that you are planning to throw it away? Or you can’t wear it again because everybody has seen you in it and now you NEED a new dress! Or you are tired of wearing the same dress in the same style?

Worry not! Here are some great ideas to style ONE dress in FIVE ways – for every occasion! Nope, I am not kidding!

Grabbed this pretty shirt dress online and now I am planning to wear it for a girl’s party night as well as a traditional family function.

1. Party Gal:

Super stressed about a party tonight and you can’t find anything inside your full closet? Grab this shirt dress, pair it with your favorite boots, wrap a belt to show off that stunning waist line. For the party effect, wear some shiny accessories – golden / silver earrings, long chains and a cute purse for keeping your phone while you dance the night away – in the moonlight, dance the night away.

2. Work Sophistication:

Get up, Dress comfy, work and back home. What a bore! Go to work – chic style this Monday! Wear a knee length skirt over this dress, pretty heels and some cute stud earrings. Style your hair in a neat bun or just a puffed ponytail, sport that nerdy chic glasses and make heads turn in your office. Perfect that work chic look and slay your meetings!

3. Vacay Babe:

Planning for a vacation? What to wear is even more nerve-racking than where to go. A shirt dress is your best solution, pair it with a full length shrug or jacket, a belt just above the waist to give that flattering look. Comfy white or any pastel colored casual shoes for easy travelling to your favorite places and a hat, of course. Because what’s a vacay, without a hat? Be the prettiest vacay babe this season!

4. Casually Sporty:

College again? Ugh. And tired of the same jeans and tops? Wear a pretty t-shirt or a t-shirt dress underneath and a shirt dress over it, wrap a belt around the waist and open up the buttons above it to show off that cute t-shirt and graphics. Casual sneakers, a high ponytail and a bag-pack just enough for snacks, because who studies in college? Just kidding!


You can keep a notepad – for doodling.


Go to college and set a trend! Be casual and yet trendy!

5. Boho Chic:

This is personally my favorite one. A family function you must attend and you want to wear something traditional but not the same common outfits? Try this! Grab a long skirt or a full length dress and wear a shirt dress over it. Drape a thin belt just above the waist to make it look more fitting and of course, flattering. Leave the buttons below the belt open to show-off the skirt / dress. Tie the collar button as well, grab a Boho style traditional neck piece that compliments the outfit and tie it around the neck, some matching long earrings and a bindi, obviously, for that Indian look. You are all set for a family function and I bet every one will compliment since there are no torn jeans this time. #indiankidsundrestand.  

Boho Indo Western style.
Boho Indo Western style.

Comment below which fashion hacks I should do next!

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Stay fabulous and make your own fashion statement!

Be beautifully weird!❤

Much Love, Womanonrampage

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