Clumsy heart and more…

Hello there, a lot of you may not know, but I write short stories and poems. Wattpad fam is the best. 
So here’s a snippet of a few of my write-ups. 
Hope you like them. ❤️❤️
© Pooja Amritkar
1. Clumsy heart.
Forgive my clumsy heart,
For it falls too hard
And falls too soon.
It does not know
How to love and
How to tame itself.
It runs on smiles,
And stumbles easily
Oh please,
Forgive this clumsy heart,
For all it needs,
Is a little bit of love.
2. Knight in distress. 
There was a story, forgotten
A prince, so lost
A princess, still dreaming.
Until their paths crossed.
The princess found herself a
Knight in distress.
The prince found himself a
Damsel in shining armour.
And happily ever after
Was no longer
Once upon a time.
3. Pandora’s box.
You were the myth I believed in.
The ills and misery I evaded.
The mystery in you, too tempting
To resist, to ignore, to elude.
I couldn’t stop myself, just couldn’t,
From trying to open the heart you kept locked.
But it was too late, too late, until I realized
You were my Pandora’s box, the one I couldn’t close.
Love it? Hate it? Let me know 🙂
Much much love,
Pooja Amritkar
AKA Womanonrampage ( )

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