Style Hacks – Shirt dress and crop tops

Style Hacks – Shirt dress and crop tops

Although it’s a new year, there are some styles and trends that are forever cool such as shirt dresses and full sleeved crop tops. But with changing seasons and styles we all need more than one way to style them depending on the occasions, days and fashion moods.

Here are some much needed style hacks with shirt dresses and crop tops from BEWAKOOF.

Shirt dresses –

This check shirt dress is a closet must, no kidding. It is super comfortable, trendy and the quality is so great. I could wear it every day, I pretty much am. Here are some quick easy ways to style it and slay the look.

1. Belts and boots this shirt is pretty loose so to give it the right body shape use a belt just above your waist. With matching boots and accessories you can notch up the look. I went a bit Gothic with black lipstick and black eye shadow. A perfect look for your lookbook.

2. Fishnet – here’s something that’s trending way too much right now – fishnet stockings and fishnet bodysuit. Pair it with the shirt dress and it looks perfect for an outing. Casual, comfy and cute, something you could wear everyday and look like a fashionista.

3. Overcoat – it’s still a tad bit cold out here and coats are so freaking costly. Easier way, use this shirt dress. The fabric is thick and pretty warm to comfort the skin and make you feel cuddly. Over your regular outfit it would look great and at the same time stylish.

4. Around waist – there are times when you just need to notch up a simple outfit. This shirt dress is perfect for those times. Wear a basic outfit and then tie this shirt dress around your waist to glam up the look.

5. Party look – you have a party but don’t want to wear that sequin short dress and instead want to wear something easy yet stylish? Here’s a great idea – shirt dress with a belt above waist, knee high socks and boots. With a dark shade of lipstick and smokey eyes, you are all set to turn heads at the party.

Crop tops –

Let’s face it, crop tops are going to keep trending for a while now. So might as well wear it in a few out-of-the-box ways.

1. Basic Printed crop tops are my favorite. This ‘Pro-caffeinating’ yellow top with 3 / 4 denims and blue boots is an impeccable choice for a fun trip to the mall or a casual  Thursday at college.

2. Off the shoulder – Just tie the sleeves at the front or back to make the look sleeveless. With the right jacket / overcoat, your everyday college outfits are sorted.

3. Over a dress – This is one of my favorite styles, wear a dress and then a crop top over it. It almost looks like a skirt and top and definitely looks super stylish. This is also a great look for a date this season. Make a fashion statement with this style.

Black t-shirt dress from –

Black boots from – Labriza

Location Courtesy – Phoenix Marketcity, Kurla. One of the biggest malls in Mumbai.

Location Courtesy – Phoenix Marketcity, Kurla. One of the biggest and most spectacular malls in Mumbai.

Get some amazing outfits for your closet this year from

There’s also an amazing collection for Men – starting from Marvel T-shirts, Jeans, Tees, Athleisure and Shorts. Check it out!

Find more such lifestyle tips and style hacks on my Instagram page – womanonrampage


Stay fabulous and make your own fashion statement!

Be beautifully weird!❤

Much Love,


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  1. I really liked the fact that you’ve included Location Courtesy. A lot of the times I keep on wondering where the pictures have been clicked 🙂 You look awesomely pretty girl :-* Love your style ❤

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