New Year Necessities.

New Year Necessities.


Every year there things change, there are new trends, new styles, new requirements and new us.

So here’s a quick note about what you will be needing and should be having this year ft. QTROVE.COM   (SPECIAL DISCOUNT CODE BELOW)

1. Chocolates – It’s safe to say I am obsessed with chocolates. And I am pretty sure a lot of you are too, if you aren’t then – Huh? What? Why? How?

Either way I have constant supply of chocolates in my drawers and as I read in some research paper, they are healthy! There I eat healthy food now. Plus it’s almost impossible to resist eating them when it’s the ‘Artisanal Milk Chocolate Bar’, it literally melts in the mouth and is incredibly tasty. Solution to spike up the mood this year – Delicious Chocolates!

Eat healthy, eat chocolates!

2. Hangover kits – Now if you are not legal enough to drink, you might think you don’t need this, well think again. This kit has been my savior – at the New Year’s Eve and even the days after it.

This kit has everything that you might need after having that shot of tequila you definitely shouldn’t have had. Thinking it’s going to be a long night and then a bad headache? Worry not, keep this kit handy.

Hangover Kit - Modern Day Recovery Kit.
Hangover Kit – Modern Day Recovery Kit.

Contents –

1.       Eye Mask – Hungover eye mask that I use daily, drunk or not, it’s definitely useful.

Hungover Eyemask.
Hungover Eyemask.

2.       Headache pack – feel a headache coming along, use this, you can feel the pain decrease almost instantly.

3.       Band-aids – I am clumsy and every time I need a band-aid I can never find it, so this kit sure helps me remember where they are.

Headache pack, Band aids and Mint.
Headache pack, Band aids and Mint.

4.       Party Pills – here’s a quick way to counter the side effects of alcohol, party pills. It sure relieves the unpleasant after-effects of alcohol.

Party Smart Capsules - Party Pills
Party Smart Capsules – Party Pills

5.       Electrals – Treat your dehydration in a happy way.

Oral Rehydration Salts - Electral
Oral Rehydration Salts – Electral

6.       Mints – Do you even need a reason to have these?

Do you have a recovery kit handy? (Get it here!)

3. Belly Band – First time in India, Mai Haramaki is a Japanese Belly band made fashionable. This belly band is soon turning out be a great fashion accessory. You can use it with a plain tee and jeans to notch up the simple look, or use it during a workout. I have styled it as a trendy look with knotted denim jacket and black jeans.

And since I love style hacks, here’s an easy hack – turn the belly band into a crop top. Spice up the look with a jacket and voila, it’s a whole new look! (Direct Link)

Get your NY necessities and then some amazing handmade products this year with Use the code ‘WOR15’ for a FLAT 15% DISCOUNT for the first time on orders above Rs.500 (Valid till Jan 2017).

Get shopping!! Get happy!!

Find more such lifestyle tips and style hacks on my Instagram page – womanonrampage


Stay fabulous!

Be beautifully weird!❤

Much Love,


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