What 2016 taught me!

What 2016 taught me!

  1. Making lists is easy and fun.
  2. 2016 was tough and disappointing.
  3. Blogging is not as easy as it seems.
  4. There are some mean people on the Internet.
  5. Finding real friends on Instagram and WordPress is not easy so thank you to my few genuine fellow bloggers and friends.
  6. I love every single comment and personal message, it makes me jump in ecstasy. You guys are seriously amazing! ❤︎ (Love you #Instafam and #WordPressfam)
  7. WordPress acts funny sometimes.
  8. I need a bigger closet. And thus more clothes, throw in some shoes and bags too.
  9. When you want something there will always be a door barrier, kick that ish down!
  10. People who admire you are few, value them.
  11. Real conversations happen late at night.
  12. Lazy days are the best.
  13. You can either cry a river over something or take a deep breath and think of a revenge plan.
  14. It’s more than okay to be single.
  15. Guys are jerks (although I learned this ages ago, every year I get a quick reminder.)
  16. Following and then unfollowing accounts is not cool.
  17. Do not choose internet over your friends (friends are few as it is)
  18. Writing on Wattpad is so much fun and the love there is overwhelming. (Love you #Wattpadfam)
  19. Watching Friends for the 45th time can still not get boring.
  20. Once you mature, you lose more friends than you can gain and that’s okay, that’s life.
  21. Don’t force friendships, relationships or any kind of ships.
  22. You have to be confident to achieve anything in life.
  23. It doesn’t matter if you are a guy or a girl, if you want it, you can do it!
  24. Fashion trends are not easy to keep up with.
  25. Cupid doesn’t shoot your ass with a warning.
  26. No matter how much you do some people can never be satisfied, let those people go.
  27. Letting go of people who hold you back and don’t respect you is very very important.
  28. I love books more than people.
  29. I can’t find the perfect guy because fictional characters have raised my expectations too much.
  30. Everyone has insecurities, learning to hide them is the trick.
  31. Everyone is unique in their own crazy way and that’s what makes each one of us special.
  32. DO NOT underestimate yourself.
  33. America is crazy. (Donald Trump, really?)
  34. I no longer talk to some people I previously spend hours talking with, surprise – I can still function effortlessly without them.
  35. Age 21 is just a damn number, the only difference is I am expected to be more responsible now. (Yay me.)
  36. I grow more sarcastic every year, a fact that is not well appreciated.
  37. ‘Follow your heart’ is true but you better take your brain with you.
  38. Anything can trend on Internet (Juju on that beat and Pen Pineapple Apple Pen, seriously?)
  39. Loving yourself is very very important!
  40. I am not the 9-5 type job person.
  41. Every year we change a little bit and that’s for the best.
  42. Everyone has flaws and scars, embrace them.
  43. Food and Sleep is bae!!
  44. You are amazing, incredible, love worthy and crazy, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.
  45. Make choices that you won’t regret.
  46. I can stay awake till 6am but wake me at 6am and I’ll kick your ass.
  47. 2016 went by a little too fast.
  48. I am not ready for 2017.
  49. There is nothing I can do about it.
  50. Except welcome the year with hugs and love.
  51. Or maybe get cranky.
What 2016 taught me.
Goodbye 2016! You shall be missed.

Sparkle and Shine you amazing people! Hope your 2016 was good and hopefully 2017 will be a lot better.

Here’s to something new, new year, new friends, new opportunities, new obstacles, new memories, new lessons, new insecurities, new wishes, new talents and most importantly new YOU!

Here I am 2017, ready and steady. Show me what you got!

Hello 2017. What 2016 taught me.
Hello 2017. Surprise me!

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Have a great year end and stay fabulous!

Be beautifully weird!❤

Much Love,


25 thoughts on “What 2016 taught me!

  1. People are mean to YOU on the Internet? You seem like such a sweet, down to earth, while also very very stylish young lady! I wish you every happiness the world has to offer in 2017. I am happy to have found your blog or you found my blog in 2016. Stay on your rampage. It suits you well.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I try to deal with mean people by first laughing to myself about them. Everyone disagrees. Small people are mean. Then this best way to handle them is let them know they don’t bother you by not replying to them. And often that puts them in their place. Big hug WOR….Looking forward to reading about you in 2017!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Thank you so much for the inspiring words. We definitely shouldn’t let mean responses bother us because there are so many who motivate and bring us joy. Here’s to a brand new year with amazing opportunities and lovely memories. ❤ Happy New Year! 🎉🍻

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  2. I could relate to almost all the points up there! Although I realised most of these things at 22 and it was difficult to embrace the fact that I’d be beginning my own life soon. Although let me tell you not all guys are jerks, maybe you’ve met a bad bunch all along 😀


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