New Year Elegance


New Year Elegance

Christmas and New Year’s is just around the corner! Can you believe that? 2016 is coming to an end and the best way to end this year is in elegance.

Elegance is the fashion that is never out of style.

And this year you can dress yourself in some of the best elegant outfits without having to spend a fortune on them buying. Liberent has an easier solution, rent them. After all why buy when you can rent?

A site with stunning outfits for every occasion – date, party, pre-wedding, traditional, casual, formal, holiday and so much more – and you can have them delivered to your doorstep at any day, any time. The best part, the fitting is perfect. They customize the outfit according to your measurements and they fit you like a second skin.

Grab the outfit you love, flaunt it like a star, and have it picked up the next day. You can even have a backup dress. All my ‘what to wear for this occasion?’ problems just got solved!

Here are some of the most elegant dress to wear this year end.

1. Black Dress: One colour that screams elegance is black. It is classy, stunning and nothing can ever go wrong with it. Combined that with lace, it’s the perfect outfit. This beautiful dress has lace pattern over the neck and sleeves, giving it a stylish look. With some black boots or black / silver heels, messy bun, red lipstick and the right accessories, you are all set to make heads turn this year end.

You can even wear this for Christmas party or the New Year’s Eve and look absolutely stunning.

2. Long Green Gown: Long gowns have their own way of attracting attention. And one can certainly not deny the fact that wearing a long gorgeous gown is a sure way of elegance. This shade of green is so different that it automatically makes the outfit 10 times prettier. The belt with it just adds to the look. With the right accessories, I think this is the perfect outfit to attend a New Year’s show. In fact, I am planning to host one in this! Gown, grace and greetings – sounds great!

3. Red gown: Red defines passion and black defines elegance, a combination of these two colors is easily one of the best ones. This red gown is perfect for you to show of those beautiful curves, it makes you look like a model. The lace sleeves and lace design over the top intensifies the look and it doesn’t matter what the occasion is, you just want to wear it. This outfit is easily suitable for the eagerly awaited Christmas party, even if it’s an office party, after all red is the color of Christmas.

Even for the New Year’s Party or a date this year end, you just have to rent this gorgeous gown and have a year end that’s a lot better than the whole year. Pair it up with the right silver accessories and red shades of makeup.

Its year end, spoil yourself rotten! Rent clothes for every occasion and end the year gracefully and elegantly.

End this year with Liberent!

Find more such fashion and style looks on my Instagram page – womanonrampage


Have a great year end and look fabulous!

Be beautifully weird!❤

Much Love,


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