This Winter – Tanks and Hoodies.

This Winter – Tanks and Hoodies.

Winter is coming! (GOT reference!) And I am super excited since it’s my favourite season of the year. Chilly nights, hot chocolate, blankets, tank tops with jackets and of course hoodies! What’s not to like?

This winter season I am all geared up with a tank top and Hoodie from Bewakoof.

Since I live in India, sadly there’s no snow here so during the day it’s not really that cold but also not sunny so comfortably casual clothes is what you need. Tank tops are definitely the answer to that. If it’s not cold you can just wear the tank top along with some denim jeans but in the morning when it’s pretty chilly a full sleeve denim jacket or a zipper paired with the tank solves the problem. And shrugs / jackets also makes you look stylish.

To notch up the look, you can also tie the tank top to the side knot or a front knot. Knots enhance your body features and shows off those amazing curves.

This ‘Dreamer’ tank top is in a lovely shade of yellow and is just perfect for the day time fun.

Tank top, sports bra, tracks and sports shoes – perfect exercise outfit.

If you are like me and love to experiment with clothes, grab a plain full sleeve top, wear the tank top over it and pair it off with jeans or jeggings. Voila, a cool winter look! And you’ll be making a fashion statement as well.

Dreamer Tank top
Yes, I dream with my eyes closed, doesn’t everyone?

Winter nights on the other hand are always freezing. So all you want to do is wear a hoodie, some PJs, cuddle up in your favourite blanket, grab a hot coca and watch TV series or read a good book.

Winter nights
How I’ll be spending these Winter nights. Hoodies and books!

And I just love these nights, mainly because I love to wear hoodies. Super comfortable, full sleeved sweatshirt with a hood to cover up your head. Only if I could wear them all day, every day. Not to mention if you walk with a hoodie on the road, it gives the whole mysterious vibes like in the movies (just me? okay then). But seriously, every closet must have a hoodie!

You can even tie the hoodie around your waist, trust me it looks just as good and amazing. This printed hoodie pretty much describes me every day ‘Not today.’ It reaches out to my lazy inner self.

Grab the hoodie that matches your inner self – Hoodies!!

Stack up your winter closet with some cool printed hoodies, you can never have enough of them.

Are you ready for winter yet? Is your winter closet complete? If not, this is the perfect place to start –

With this, they also have a wide collection for MEN that includes –T-Shirts, Pajamas, Denim Jeans, Sweatpants and Hoodies.

And for WOMEN T-shirt Dress, Crop tops, Pajamas, Sweatshirts.

Empty space in your closet? Fill it up this year end!

Find more such fashion and style looks on my Instagram page – womanonrampage


Have a great winter season and make your own fashion statement!

Be beautifully weird!❤

Much Love,


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