Pamper yourself with Fidget Salon

Pamper yourself with Fidget Salon

Hola! I know this is a pretty late post but I have been insanely sick and finally got around to this. Anywho, do you like amazing clean-ups, wonderful hair dos and stunning nail art? If yes, then you just need to visit this place – Fidget Salon, Mulund West, Mumbai, India.


I had the opportunity and luck to visit them and sit through the sessions while they worked their magic on me, and believe me they are good. First was the clean-up, then hairstyle and make up followed by nail art.

Clean up-

Beautician Jacquline was the one who did my clean up and it was really refreshing and peaceful. She started by cleansing my face and pressing the correct pressure points and I just let go all the tension and stress of the week. Next was the steam that cleaned and closed all the unseen face pores, rejuvenating the skin and making it more youthful and oil free. Exfoliation was amazing and it removed all the dead cells on the skin’s outermost area, thus exposing the new and radiant skin underneath the old dry one. The face pack after that was equally revitalising, I almost slept thanks to the cold and peaceful feeling the mask and the dim lights the room had.

And although I have had quite a few clean ups in the past, this is definitely one of my favourites. If you are looking for a nice place to spoil yourself after the hectic and stressful week you have had, I recommend getting this clean up and all your worries just disappear even if for an hour.

The beauty products used were Rémy Laure, a famous French cosmetic brand.

Hair cut-

Art Director Sanket Bhosle.

An amazingly talented artist. If you have a party and want to look ravishing or you are the wedding bride and need to look absolutely breathtaking, he’s the guy you call.

He cut my hair into short layers so as it give it more volume and then perfectly curled my hair with hot iron tongs. I legit wished I could keep them that way forever. It was just perfect.

Hairstyle and make-up.

Make up was equally perfect. We went for a day time look since it was the afternoon. Eye shadow a shade of gold, brown and maroon along with smudged eyeliner and flawlessly put mascara. Eyebrows were shaded with a brown pencil.

Base makeup first started with MAC foundation and concealer. Followed by contouring and highlighting which was just immaculate, the stroke of the brushes and everything were on point and I sincerely hope I can do makeup that good one day.

Since it was the day look we didn’t go with dark fancy lips and instead went with elegant nude peach pink lips and highlighted the pout to make the lips look fuller and more prominent. Yep, all set to turn more than just a few heads!

With Sanket
With the Art Director – Sanket Bhosle.
Close up
Simply love this closeup of the make-up done by Sanket.

Nail Art –

Nail Artist Kajal Mary

She can do some nail art wonders. Perfectly shaped my nails into the square shape and applied the base coat. We went for the simple and elegant Matte black nail paint with silver glitter on a nail instead of something too extravagant. Plain Black nail polish and then Matte top coat were put on all the nails except the ring finger nail which had the silver glitter polish and big glitter polish. The nail polish was put so impeccably that it easily lasted for more than five days.

Nail art collection
Just a snippet of the Nail Arts offered.
Getting the nail art
In the process of getting some classy nail art done.
Nail Art
Matte Black with Silver glitter nail polish.

A special thanks to Dulari for having me there and letting me have this amazing experience. She is definitely a great host and I can’t wait to visit them again.

With Dulari
With Dulari. Go and treat yourself at Fidget Salon.

They have some amazing wedding and bridal discounts, so if you are a to-be bride or you know one, this is the place I would recommend.

Final look
Pamper yourself this New Year’s Eve!
Behind stars
Book an appointment at Fidget Salon.










Or if you just want to treat yourself and disappear from all the stress filled environment and just relax for a while, because we women need to do that often, take a visit here and let them spoil you rotten and make you feel special, the way you deserve. PS. Ask for their coffee, it’s delicious.

Address:  Fidget Salon, Runwal Anthurium, Shop no. 4, LBS Road, Near Vina Nagar signal. Mulund West, Mumbai 400080

What are your pampering ideas this year end?

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You deserve to feel special!❤

Much Love,








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