Beauty of Bags

Beauty of Bags.


One of the best ways to notch up your outfit and make a style statement is to pair the outfit with a stunning bag. Wearing jeans and top? Grab a sling bag. Wearing something traditional? Grab a clutch. Travelling? Get a backpack. Another day at the office? Grab a Tote Bag. There’s a bag for every outfit and every occasion.

Bags for every occasion, for every outfit. is such a site with a vast range of bags starting from Box clutches to Totes to Sling bags, anything and everything. And they are all hand-crafted which is even better and unique. Stand out in the crowd!

I love monochrome, the combination of black and white. And though it might be common, it can never get old. Plus it goes with everything. This Black Cotton Tote bag is perfect, big enough for notebooks and with good pattern to show it off in college. It is a must and can be paired with any casual or college look. Be stylish in your college.

The trend of backpacks hanging real low from the shoulder is now replaced by backpacks that just reach your waist. This multi beaded backpack is stunning and hard to believe it is actually hand-made. Due to the many colours it can literally be paired with any outfit. I paired it first with a T-shirt dress of Orange shade and then with a casual top for a day out. And it looked great both times. If you are looking for something different to make a style statement, this is the backpack.



Every time I travel, I take a lot unnecessary things thinking that I might just need them. Which sadly increases the stuff and space. This weekend tote bag is perfect. It fits all of my things as well as has a sling. But this is also awfully heavy and all the stuff inside only increases the weight. But it is definitely pretty chic and stylish.


This off-white hand bag is one of my favourites. The fringes at the front make a fashion statement and the colour is such that it can accessorized with any outfit. The design is delicate and the well braided sling is unique. The only catch being there is no way to close the bag properly. So it can be used to go to a day out with a few friends when all you need is your wallet and a lipstick. Even empty, it can used to notch up your outfit.


Fringe Fever
Hand bag
Hand bag with delicate details













Grab your favourite bag, for every outfit and every occasion at the best prices. Be stylish and carry a fabulous bag. Which bag is your favorite?

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Don’t forget to experiment with bags! Make your own fashion statement.

Be beautifully weird!❤

Much Love,



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