Fangirling over Fiction


I am no longer 16 but that doesn’t stop me from fangriling over my favourite artist or my favourite movie or TV series. In fact, every time I see an episode from FRIENDS, I stop whatever I am doing and just enjoy the feeling of friendship that’s only shown in this fiction. Every time I see a broom, I wish I can take it to Hogwarts and learn to move things with just a swish of wand. The Big Bang Theory is the only TV series by far that actually makes me want to study and have a Dr. at the start of my name. And to own the official merchandise of these fictional favourite characters, could you imagine that? What else would any true fan want?

TheSouledStore has it all, from T-shirts to notebooks to bags to mugs to badges, everything. You want it? You’ll get it.

I love FRIENDS, what’s not to love? Sarcasm, food, hot guys, friendship, love and innumerable jokes. It has everything. And even if it ended like 12 years back, everyone still loves it. And if you love this sitcom as well, you definitely need this white doodle FRIENDS T-shirt. It practically defines FRIENDS.

I have paired this trendy comfortable tee with dark blue denims to give it a casual look. It is perfect for a coffee day at your favourite coffee shop.

You can also add a denim jacket to hype up the look. Denim can never do wrong and with this tee, it adds chic in the casual comfy mix.



Bazinga! The Big Bang Theory will forever be one of my favorites. Along with ridiculous jokes it also imparts knowledge which is fairly rare. And owning their official merchandise is well, rarer. So grab your favorite The Big Bang Theory product and we could totally be twinning.

This tote bag has caught many eyes as I walked with it down the streets. It is long enough to fit my notebooks but not big enough to look huge. It is perfect, plus the color is so different. The yellow is neither too bright nor too dull. This bag is soon becoming my favorite accessory that can be paired with anything.


Bag deets
The Big Bang Theory Doodle Tote Bag

I am a Harry Potter fan and will forever be. I’d rather go to Hogwarts and face Voldemort than go to college and face Mathematics. Ugh. Sadly, Hogwarts is fictional but why should that stop anyone from stuffing their closets and cupboards with Harry Potter tees and notebooks and badges and even mobile covers?

This printed black tee pretty much describes me – ‘I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.’ And the back is printed as well, ‘Mischief Managed.’ I totally love the font and the color and those tiny little footsteps at the corners. The tee is insanely comfortable and can be worn legit everywhere.

You can pair it with your favorite ripped jeans to give it a casual look, for a long day out or on your first day in college. With the right pair of shoes or sandals, you’ll be looking fashionable in a t-shirt.

For the airport look or street style, simply add a full sleeved denim jacket. Voila, your very own soon-to-trend street style look.

Airport look
Airport Style
Street Style













Do you have a favourite TV series or movie? Wouldn’t you want to own their official merchandise? Start shopping and become an official member of these fan clubs.

Don’t forget to grab your favorite tee or bag, shop before it all becomes SOULED OUT.

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Don’t forget to try your own styles. Be creative and make your own style statements!

Be beautifully weird!❤

Much Love,



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    I don’t like it at all..!!😑😑😑
    Just kidding..!!
    Mast tha yeh wala..!!!

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