Ways to style a T-shirt Dress (Part – 2)

Ways to style a T-shirt Dress (Part – 2)

This is part 2 of the Ways to style a T-shirt Dress, if you haven’t read the first part here’s the link – Ways to style a T-shirt Dress (Part -1)


T-shirt Dresses are taking over Skater and Bodycon dresses and one must know the different ways to wear it. Why the same style when there are so many more?

5 more ways to style a T-shirt Dress – (T-shirt Dress from Bewakoof.com)

1. Balloon top: It’s a T-shirt dress which means it can also be a nice comfy top, and that too balloon top, meaning it’s a little puffed around the waist. Tuck your t-shirt dress under your favourite jeans or even track pants / joggers pants and look effortlessly chic.

Dress to top
Style hacks #1
Balloon Top
Turn a T-shirt Dress into a T-shirt


2. Belt it: Honestly you can belt anything and everything. Putting a nice matching trendy belt just above your waist is going to make the T-shirt dress look more like a dress than a T-shirt and also give it a glam look. With the right pair of heels and accessories you could rock a party.


3. Wear it simple: Wear it the way it’s actually meant to be worn. Plain and comfortable and all set for long day out. I have tied a choker around my upper arm to spice up the look. And then some sun glasses.


4. Jegging it: Wear a jeggings or jeans underneath the dress to make it look ‘cool’. T-shirt dresses are usually short so if you plan on having a long day ahead with traveling, wearing it might now be a good idea. So pair it up with leggings or jeans and stay fashionable and yet comfortable.

Jeggings and choker!
Black jean
Style hacks / cheats


5. Denim it: Got a denim jacket? If not, you must get one and wear it over the dress or tie it in a knot around the waist. Either way it looks trendy, gives it a whole new street style look and definitely makes a style statement.


Some of the best T-shirt Dresses – printed and plain are at Bewakoof.com. Grab your favourite one, it’s a closet must.

Also don’t forget to check oit their new range of Pyjamas, they are super comfy and great. ❤

Which one is your favorite? Any more ideas? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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Don’t forget to try your own styles. Be creative and make your own style statements!

Be beautifully weird!❤

Much Love,



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