Dynamic Dungarees

Dynamic Dungarees


6 ways to style Dungarees



Dungaree – A garment consisting of trousers with a bib held up by straps over the shoulders Yes, I Googled it. It is usually casual or work clothes and currently every celebrity is seen wearing one. If you have seen Work from Home by Fifth Harmony, Dinah Jane is also seen sporting one throughout the song. That’s motivation enough to buy one.

So why to buy Dungarees? They are casual, chic, trendy, fashionable, comfortable, effective AND there are many ways to style them. Why don just one style when there are five other styles too?

And although Dungarees isn’t a new trend, it’s from 90s and is old classic school girl types, the variety and types in Dungarees is vast – Long skirt, Half pants, Denim, Short skirt, Shorts and so much more. You can find it all on StalkBuyLove.

With a Skirt Dungaree – Wearing Castle Skirt Dungarees’ from StalkBuyLove.

  1. Simple style – The way it’s meant to be worn, a crop top or a plain top underneath the dungaree. Show off those glamorous legs, grab a bag and set out to make a fashion statement. I think it gives a Back to School chic look.


  1. Knee high socks – Socks look better with everything. They make the same outfit look chic and inches up the fashion level by a notch. Who doesn’t love socks? Pair them with a skirt dungaree and look absolutely stunning in a whole new look.


  1. Denim babe – Denim is something that can literally go on everything and anything. And with Dungarees is no different. Grab your favourite jean jacket and wear it over the dungaree. For an extra stylish look, knot it up at the front in middle. Tada! You now look trendy and a denim babe.


Pant Dungarees – Wearing ‘Brusseles Dungarees’ from StalkBuyLove

  1. Inner top – The way most people wear it, wear a crop top or a matching tee underneath the dungaree. Spice it up by styling your hair with a thin scarf, a good lipstick and some accessories. Tied my scarf as a bandana.
Pant dungarees
Pant Dungarees are the best – Brussels Dungarees
  1. One shoulder down – Letting one strap of the shoulder fall off, is the trend currently and rightfully so, it looks amazing. Wear a print tee underneath and let a strap fall down, let the world be mesmerized by the dungaree style as well as the print on tee. Go celebrity style. Let one strap down and have some crazy fun.


  1. Top it off – You know, Pant dungarees are just pants below waist. So why not style them that way too? No one will ever know that those trendy ripped jeans are actually a part of a Dungaree. Just wear your favourite top or crop top over the straps, thus hiding the frontal design. Most will just assume it’s a high waist jeans. Be different.


Style your Dungarees in the most fashionable and unique way. Grab some of the best Dungarees from StalkBuyLove.  Click on the link and get shopping!

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Don’t forget to try your own styles. Be creative and make your own OOTD!

Be beautifully weird!❤

Much Love,


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