Ways to style a T-shirt Dress (Part – 1)

Ways to style a T-shirt Dress (Part – 1)


Hey! How you doing? πŸ˜‰ (Sorry, still obsessed with FRIENDS). So anyways are you up-to-date with the latest craze? T-shirt dresses!

I personally love them, absolutely love them. Why? Because it’s a T-shirt which means it’s comfortable, casual and chic and then it’s also a dress which means no pants. And we all know, no pants are the best pants!

But then again just wearing a plain T-shirt dress is okay a few times but wearing the same one again and again, sounds boring, doesn’t it? Comfortable but constant. A change is after all a necessity.

Fear not, you can now style the same T-shirt dress in 10 different ways that’s right TEN ways. You’re welcome. πŸ˜‰

Also since it is 10 and I didn’t want to bore you people with a lengthy blog so I have divided it into two parts. Here’s the first one:

5 ways to style T-shirt dresses:

  1. Knot it at the middle: T-shirt dresses are straight dresses, which means they are insanely comfortable but they don’t hug your body and show off those curves. But that can always change. How? Easy. Knot it at the center, it becomes shorter and gives it a trendy and unique look.



  1. Knot it at the side: Knot at the middle is unique and not well-known while waist knots are pretty well used. Why? Because tying a knot in any outfit at the waist or hip, instantly changes the outlook. It makes your waist line more prominent and gives the most flattering shape. After all, hips don’t lie.



  1. Knee high socks: I love socks! They can never ever go out of style, they prevent shoe bites (Thank the Lord!), they will elevate a simple look, you can feel fashionable and yet comfortable. What else do you need? Which is why pairing knee high socks with a T-shirt dress is one of my favourite style so far. Makes you look pretty darn chic!



  1. Top it off: You gotta love a plain T-shirt dress, but sometimes for particular occasions, it becomes too plain. Which is why you top it off! Grab your favourite top or something like a trendy crop top which compliments the dress and pair it up. See how the look instantly changes, from plain to stylish.



This how I styled this plain black T-shirt dress for the Lakme Fashion Week 2016, combined with my cut off tee and knee high socks and some reliable black shoes. Casual but definitely in style. Making my own Outfit Of The Day #OOTD!


  1. Shrug it: Shrugs and wraps are taking over normal accessories. If you want to add some style to any outfit simply wear a shrug over it. It works every single time. This red net shrug tied to the front gives a chic as well as a bit of professional look. You can even wear it to office and make the T-shirt dress look formal instead of casual.


The next 5 styles coming up on the blog soon! How did you like them so far? Which one’s your favorite?

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Don’t forget to try your own styles. Be creative and make your own style statements!

Be beautifully weird! ❀

Much Love,





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