Casually Chic

Casually Chic



Hello, long time no see! I missed you guys but I was away for the weekend in a nice peaceful villa with beautiful greenery all around me. And you know what I did the whole time? Didn’t visit the beach nearby nor the sights that were worth sightseeing. On the contrary, I dressed causally, comfortably, sat in front of the idiot box (also known as Television) and watched reruns of Friends and The Blacklist and some romantic comedies all the while stuffing into some yummy hotel junk food. Yep, I basically did nothing and still managed to look chic.

How? Well I wore clothes from, specifically Jogger Pants, Crop top and T-shirt. And they were the best days I have had in some time. Partly because of the delicious food I hogged because who doesn’t love food? But mostly because I wore such comfy clothes with the perfect dash of style that I could freely wander around the resort in them, meet strangers, talk to them with confidence and still feel like I was making a style statement.

Now I’m not a gym person at all, I prefer burgers to dumbbells and fries to runs. But the second I wore the ‘Rave’ Joggers pants I felt like I could actually jog miles and not fake an asthma attack to stop and eat ice cream. They are just so cozy and soft and even trendy. The perfect mix for bottoms. I even strolled all around the resort, hands in the pockets, with zero make up and felt like a queen.


Of course I had an equally comfy, if not more, t-shirt paired with the pants. A Civil War printed tee, no less. I love Captain America, he’s hot af! Not to mention the tee is glow in the dark edition, and yes like the name suggests, it does glow in the dark. I love it! Buy it and try it, be impressed.

Crop tops was the next day dress code. And since I wasn’t in mood for lengthy conversations, the top pretty much summed it up for me. ‘OK Bye.’ Yep, a must in the closet for those days when you don’t want to interact with humans. Just point at the top and wave with a smirk. Rude? Maybe. Need it? Definitely.

IMG_1079 (2)
Ok Bye.

Quick tips on how to style these –

Joggers pants can be paired with any tee or crop top. If you are an avid jogger, pair it with your sports bra and run like the wind and turn more than a few heads. And if you are lazy like I am, pair the pants with a trendy tee and some sneakers and go out, have a ‘casually chic’ day out. If you want a more noteworthy look, wear a denim jacket, or tie it around your waist with a long chain. Tada! A whole new look! Who said you can’t make your own OOTD?

Knot a simple tshirt to give it a trendy look
Pair it with these pants and some accessories












T-shirts are by far the best clothing I have come across. Wear them on anything, pair them with anything and still manage to steal appreciating glances. A tee, some jeans or shorts, a bag, sandals, a watch and done, have some fun in the college or on the beach or in a park. Yes, tees shall forever remain #outfitgoals.

Ripped jeans, denim jacket, backpack and this tee. #OOTD


Crop tops are the latest craze. Everyone is having it, everyone is wearing it and now you style it. Even on the joggers pants they look pretty amazing. But you can always wear it along with skinny jeans or high waist jeans.

Paired the crop top with my jeggings and tied my favorite black belt to give it some shine. A choker and London bag – accessories.

Crop Chic
Belt it. Love the look?
Crop Chic2
Try this look!???

If you are reluctant to show off your mid-riff, fear not, wear a tank top underneath, tuck it in the low waist skinny jeans, wear some long silver / colourful chains and a few more accessories and bam, you might as well go to a party. Or pair it with a long high waist skirt like I have.

Crop top and long skirt
Clipped a few hair to the back to give it a more ‘gypsy chic’ look..
Don’t you love it when the wind listens to you?
Added a black net shrug to hype the look.




And the best part? They are all at reasonable prices!

Be causal. Be chic. Now be Causally Chic.

Shop your own casual new look, Click here to start stacking up your closet – Be Bewakoof.

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Be beautifully weird! 💋

Much Love,



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