Charmed by Co-ordinates

Charmed by Co-ordinates.

When two becomes one


Life isn’t perfect but your outfit can be. Quoted by no-idea-who, but it’s definitely true. As the years progress, so do fashion trends and style sensations. Keeping up with them takes an effort and I’m here to help you get stay up-to-date.

Co-ordinates is now the style staple of the season. A little insight into what they are? A skilfully matched set of outfits that range from tops to skirts to jeans. Unfortunately this gorgeous type of outfit isn’t available everywhere. One of the best places to hunt co-ordinates online is StalkBuyLove.

Starting from a crop top and short skirt or a fashion top and full length pant or an off-shoulder top and a long skirt or a trendy shirt and shorts, there are plenty ways to style and combine and make a fashion statement. With a dash of floral or lace or sequins or frills, each outfit gives a new look and different effect.


Some of the best combinations –

Crops and skirts – it’s a great season with flowers and leaves all around but also the sun right on top, what better chance to show off the mid riff? Combine a laced / floral / stripped / halter crop top and long or short skirt along with a hat, matching accessories, some sun glasses and if needed an umbrella and you are all set to drop down some jaws. The varieties are immense and if needed you can play mix-n-match yourself too. (Check out this look below.)

Denim babe style – denim has and shall remain the best fashion trend ever. And a denim top or shirt combined with denim shorts or jeans is sure make eyebrows go high and eyes go wide. Match it with a cap, some denim shoes, a high ponytail and backpack and walk with confidence. Because let’s face it, who doesn’t love a girl in denim?

Tops and pants – as artless as it sounds, it really isn’t. Top and pant co-ords is one of the best matches. Stitched from the same cloth but different and stylish in every way. A wide array in types of tops – laces, fringes, sleeveless, full-sleeves, off-shoulder, tie-front and more and a wider range in pants – bell bottoms, palazzo, capri, shorts, skinny, flared, straight, cargo and many more. This is a demanding and desirable choice of co-ords, an outfit for every occasion. Topping the look with accessories isn’t needed but neither vetoed. (Check out this look below)

My looks –

Crops and bottoms – A stunning beige coloured long frill skirt with an off shoulder crop top ‘Magnifique Co-ords’ is the perfect outfit for a nice summer or spring day. The lace detailing is delicate and the outfit as a whole screams elegance. I have added a hat to the mix and put some chocolate lipstick. The crop top as its own is beautiful too, so I have also paired it up with my high waist jeans, to give it a casual yet stunning look.

On the ground


Flared combo – Bell bottoms are out of fashion? Says who? They are back and with a bang. A full sleeve flared crop top and a flared pants is an amazing combo. The dark navy colour of ‘Power coords‘ is trendy and with the right accessories this is a great outfit for a party. It shows off only the midriff and gives the aura of mystery. You could also pair the bell crop top with white skinny jeans. I have accessorized it with a long silver chain and bell hoop silver earrings and crimson lipstick.


Which is your favourite combo or co-ordinate? How would you want to style it?

Start planning your occasion by stalking some gorgeous co-ordinates!

Stalk what you need. Buy what you want. Love what you wear. © by womanonrampage.

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