Delicate Designs || India Circus


Delicate Designs

India Circus by Krsnaa Mehta


Sometimes something beautifully crafted and delicately designed is exactly what we need. But in this world where basic is more often seen, finding something intricate is difficult.

India Circus is one of the few places to find finely fabricated articles. The quality is amazing, the design beautiful and the prices reasonable. Having a wide range from Home Décor, Dining, Accessories, Fashion, Wallpapers to Wall Art it is a perfect place to shop.

IMG_0525 (2)

Here’s some that I love – Are you a fan of Harry Potter? If yes, than you’ll love their extensive collection of Harry Potter’s trusty pet – Hedwig. The mug I currently use is a ‘Disco Hedwig Mug’ and I love it. Not only is it light but also wide and elongated which makes it perfect for my Harry Potter movie marathons (which I have plenty). Or better yet, sitting at the window sill, looking out of the window into the beautiful world, listening to some favorite songs and sipping hot chocolate or a favorite beverage in the amazing mug from India Circus. What a lovely way to spend the evening!


And in the nights you can cuddle with your favorite cushions or use it to style your home when guests are coming over. Because well, when guests come over we all go that extra mile and want something impressive right in the ling of sight. What is better than a couple of gorgeous cushion covers? Style them on your couch or put them on your bed and they’ll sure be mesmerizing. With a silky soft and a velvet touch, they are intricately designed and different from the traditional covers. They go with any furnishing from a dull cream to a bright red. A perfect masterpiece to notch up the home décor.


Accessories make everything better. What is a better accessory than a pretty sling wallet? ‘Craving Fuschia Ladies Wallet’ made of faux leather, is a wallet that would go on almost every outfit. Style it with a pink or blue and this designed wallet will definitely add color to the look. With three partitions and a zipped compartment to keep money and other necessary stuff, about half a dozen card holder pockets and one transparent pocket to keep your photo (or your boyfriends) and a gold plated sling chain what more do you need to carry? It’s the best choice to add grace to your outfit without carrying anything heavy.


Start decorating your life with something beautiful and exquisite from India Circus! Happy Decorating!

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