Fading into Fashion || Fades.in

 Fading into Fashion with Fades.in

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I wasn’t a shopaholic until I was in 11th grade. Yes, I accessorized every outfit and wore up-to-the-minute clothes but I never had the urge to go shopping every month and spend my ‘bored’ time surfing the net, looking for clothes and adding them in my wishlist. Those are the times I wish genies exist to grant my wishlist wishes.

But as grew up I came to know about this thing called ‘Shopaholic’, the medical term being ‘Oniomania’ which comes from the Greek onios, which means “for sale,” and mania, which means “insanity.” Now I assure you I am not insane, at least not much but I definitely have my closet filled up to its brim. And every time I have to shop, my mom turns me down with two flat words – ‘Too costly.’

So as I came across Fades.in – http://fades.in/ I was ecstatic to know her excuse wouldn’t work anymore because the clothes are at the most reasonable prices. Starting from a mere price of ₹100.

What more can a shopaholic want? The sole goal is to get best clothes at the best prices and this is one place to visit and shop and finally satisfy those urges.

Yet another amazing advantage is you can shop for men too. Weirdly enough, men’s apparels have always been more costly than women’s. Instead now get them too at a reasonable price. After all why should only woman go on sprees and get all the discount offers?

Along with men apparels – denim, t-shirts, shirts and a wider range for women apparels – Jumpsuits, t-shirts, tops, tunics, dresses there is also an equally amazing variety of accessories such as rings, scarves, earrings, necklaces. So you can now shop the whole look in a jiffy, choose your favorite clothing and the matching accessories with it in one sitting from one site.

Out of all the wonderful clothes in the site, I went with ‘FADES Alice Tunic’. And since I will start working soon and I need to look a bit professional so I tucked the tunic into my black jeans giving the look just the right percentage of professionalism. For a casual day out the tunic can be worn just on a pair of jeans or jeggings. Pair it up with the right accessories and you’ll rock the look.


DSC_0197 (2)


The second look is with ‘FADES Amelia Shirt’. The colour, so different from the commonly seen ones is a sight to behold. And there are many ways to wear the shirt. The usual look (all buttons closed), all buttons open with a tee or top inside, just wrapped around the shoulders or even tied around the waist. One shirt and three amazing ways to style it, a definite must in every closet.


Crop tops are the latest trend so I just had to have the pink crop top and although I don’t really fancy the color pink, this one just made me fall in love with it at first sight. The two bows at the side give it a more trendy and funky look. The high neck just adds to the style and fashion. ‘FADES Beatrice Top’ is the best choice to wear on a day out with friends or even for a party. Paired it up with high waist jeans or some denim shorts, a silver chain and some sunglasses. You can make heads turn!

DSC_0137 (3)


I personally love all of them. Which one’s your favorite?

It also helps that they have a sale on right now, SALE! Who doesn’t like sales? Grab the clothes before they disappear! Start shopping – http://fades.in/

Find more such fashion looks on my Instagram page – Womanonrampage

Follow and keep shopping. Stay Stunning!




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