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The one question I end up asking myself literally every day is – ‘What to wear today?’ It doesn’t matter that my closet is full and there is barely any place left to even fit a tank top, which is mostly because I refuse to throw my old clothes. In my defense, I am attached to them, we have a connection and I can’t seem to part with them. But that doesn’t stop me from wanting more clothes.

And despite what my mother says – ‘You have enough clothes’ I just don’t comprehend it. Enough and clothes simply don’t go together in one sentence. On the other hand, more and clothes definitely do. Thus I am always on a lookout for new clothes, trendy ones which make a fashion statement. Simple, Casual, elegant, party, beach, summer, formal – I love them all.  And I found them all on http://www.oxolloxo.com/

A website that has everything from women’s jumpsuit to men’s formal shirt to kid’s jeans. It’s a family website, something for every member of the family. And that is amazing especially since my father keeps complaining every time I shop about how he can be happy with just two shirts and one pant and my mother, who won’t say it out loud, wishes there’s something for her too.

Oxolloxo has a whole variety of outfits and has also launched a new collection. The Stylish Summer Collection 2016, which has a complete range of every outfit you need in Summer. A white dress, a cute crop top, some pretty shorts, hot pants, formal blazers. And then there is a complete closet for beaches and mountain visits – beach cover ups, printed skirts, fancy culottes.  It has everything and it’s simply tempting to buy it all and almost impossible to see them and not wish you had them right in your closet – http://www.oxolloxo.com/new-arrivals-clothes.html

One of the best things about Oxolloxo is the wide range of sizes they have. India, unfortunately has very few sites that sell plus size clothing and maternity wear. And one of them is Oxolloxo. To-be moms are naturally beautiful and they would look even more gorgeous in this maternity range of clothing. A perfect gift for a soon-to-be mother on a baby shower.

Everyone is pretty and stunning, it doesn’t matter what your size is. But plus-sizes clothing isn’t very common so one way to enhance your features is by wearing the glorious outfits from Oxolloxo. Who said you can’t look good? Trust me, you are beautiful.

The easiest way to get these wonderful outfits is have their mobile application. It is available in Play Store and is simple a click away. Just search and order your favorite attires when bored in a bus or sleepy during a lecture or thinking to buy a fabulous gift for a friend.

My looks from Oxolloxo

First look is the ‘Women Denim Blue Dress’ which is comfortable and the best choice for a Summer/Spring day out. Pair it up with a denim jacket and some blue sneakers or denim heels and it will make you look badass with a perfect dash of sexiness.



The second look is ‘Women Floral Jacket’. The design gives it a funky modish look. Wear a tee underneath you can leave the zip open. It is the perfect outfit for a winter trip. Or simply tie it around the waist as an everyday trend.


The third look is ‘Stylish Maxi Dress’ which makes you look like an angel. The white color is mesmerizing and with the delicate embroidery it is difficult to not fall in love with it. Accessorize it with some white or silver heels, white earrings and a tiara and pose like a princess.



What’s your favorite outfit? Grab it from Oxolloxo. Don’t waste an opportunity this precious.

Find more such fashion looks on my Instagram page – Womanonrampage

Follow and keep shopping. Stay Stunning!




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