Be a STAR!

Be a STAR!


How many times have you seen Bollywood movies and silently whispered to yourself ‘Damn, I wish I had that dress.’?

I know I have, probably a hundred times, probably more.

And right now your wish is about to come true.

I saw Dil Dhadkne Do on the big screen and every time Priyanka Chopra (Ayesha) made an appearance in her elegant yet sensational attire, I wished I had a chance to wear them, solely because I felt if wearing what she so buoyantly wore, I could exude a bit of confidence that seemed to so effortlessly surround her.

There are so many times that so many movies made me shopaholic. And I think we’ll all agree that all these movies play a big role in our shopping lists. ‘Jacqueline’s Short Skirt’ or ‘Alia Bhatt’s Crop Top’ or ‘Ranveer Singh’s T-shirt’ is our way to categorizing outfits.

One of the most striking features of the movie – Cocktail, is the highly trendy, fashionable and simply gorgeous clothes owned and worn by Deepika Padukone (Veronica). Her closet has been shown on more than one occasion, and one glimpse of it was enough for me to know that it was ‘closet goals’. The crop tops, the bodycon dresses, the skirts, the shorts, everything was just WOW and suddenly I wished I had them all, only to know it was almost impossible. You see that in movies how can you get it in real life, right?

So you could imagine my surprise when I stumbled upon and came to know that they could make my wish come true.

And the bigger shock was realizing that the wish wouldn’t really cost a fortune and wasn’t just a gimmick.

I would actually be wearing the dresses that I had once seen on the big screen and jokingly told my friends ‘Hey I want that for my birthday.’ (PS: They never bought it for me.)

So I went on the site I found out that not only can you buy based on your favorite actress but also on your favorite actor and movie. Everything from Sonam Kapoor’s Bobacat pants in Khoobsurat to Ranbir Kapoor’s Surfer Suit in Roy is there and you have chance to own it.

Talk about amazing!

I was instantly attracted to the Sash dress Priyanka Chopra was seen wearing in Dil Dhakne Do and Deepika Padoukone’s bodycon dress from Cocktail. The dresses were delivered within a span of five days and the packaging was amazing, not your usual wrapped in a plastic and sent.

Unwrapping something gives us a sense of excitement and it’s tenfold when it’s something we have been waiting for a long time. So as I cut open the package and opened the box, I was smiling stupidly with plain glee.

When I removed the dresses from the beige bag and I wasn’t disappointed, not one bit. You know when you see something online and it’s just amazing, extremely beautiful so you go ahead and order it and when it finally comes, it’s absolutely nothing like you had imagined, it’s so much worse? This was nothing like that. This was every bit I had wanted, expected, anticipated and then some more.

I very well remember wearing it and posing in front of my mirror, staring at myself in every angle possible and then proceeding to tell my friends that I officially owned something that no one had ever thought I could. (Oh yeah they were jealous.)

The Sash dress is so elegant and yet modest that I can wear it for a formal brunch party as well as a simple day out with friends. Paired it up with some golden earrings and a chain and some bangles, I am all set to make heads turn!







The Bodycon dress on the other hand is just so entrancing. Pair it up with a plain black or silver bangle and some long black earrings and I know once I walk into a party, I’ll own it.






Fashion is a language in itself. Speak louder by wearing a celeb outfit.



Here’s your chance to dress like a star. To own something you once dreamt about. To walk on the streets and make heads turns. To live like a star.

Here’s your chance to become a star.

Don’t let it go.


Order your celebrity outfit now – Be a STAR

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Comment your favorite Bollywood outfits.

Stay tuned for more fashion trends.




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