Summer Chic

Summer Chic!

Summer is finally here! And it’s hotter than ever!

The sun is shinier and the clouds are thinner! And you just stand in front of your closet wondering what to wear for about an hour.

So here are some ways to dress up in your best attire and still beat this sizzling summer!

As soon as summer clothing is mentioned the first thought is floral clothing, dresses with floral prints, tees with tiny flowers, and as lovely as they look, why not wear something different? Being unique is the next generation of beautiful.

For a causal day when you want to meet some of your girlfriends and just roam around and laugh about the guys who are certified jerks, you can go for a pretty sleeveless tee, tank top or a crop top and pair it with jeans or shorts.


I am wearing a sleeveless stylish tank top which says – ‘BEACH PLEASE’ something I need when I am with my friends and they keep saying stupid things. It is one of my favorites and is super comfortable! I have paired it with a dark blue slightly ripped skinny jeans from and wedges heels from Jealous 21.

Hair are styled in a messy low ponytail, which is easy to style and a strand is left at the side of my face to give it a more causally trendy look.



This summer style is accessorized by these long chic ‘Filigree Tassel Earrings’ and a cool ‘Blue Iceberg Ring’ from House Of Accessories. If you are in the mood to go all chic style, this is the right place to begin and stop your search. They are unique and unique is what we love!




If you aren’t in the mood for jeans and crop and want something a bit more trendy and classy, like when you are meeting some associates or a beach party and want to catch everyone’s eyes, this ‘Blue Ivory Playsuit’ from Oranje Clothing might just be your answer.



It shows off those gorgeous legs and doesn’t flare up like a frock so you can run freely into the arms of your lover (Ah my imagination!). Grab a beige colored summer hat, some brown goggles and you are ready to make your own Summer LookBook!
BeautyPlus_20160331130628_save (2)


For a boring day at home (which is every day for me because I’m that lazy) I am wearing a simple white tee which says – ‘I tried being good but I got bored’ (True story). And some maroon shorts.



I can literally just lay comfortably on the bed wearing them, not feeling the heat, staring outside the window, thinking of every stupid thing I have done in my life (which is a lot) and just… doing absolutely nothing productive. Sounds like the perfect summer day!




What are you doing this summer? What is your summer style? Let me know in the comments below.

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Stay different. Stay awesome.








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    by the way was just going through your posts and this one owned my heart . i was just looking for something like this . i liked your playsuit a lot . and how can i forget to say SUCH A GREAT POST .. keep going like this . waiting for more 🙂

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