How to take a perfect selfie – Tips and tricks

How to take perfect selfies!

Selfies have easily managed to play an essential part in our life. Everyone from Ellen DeGeneres to that crazy weird man down the street is taking selfies. And though selfies project confidence and fashion sense, a bad selfie can also make you look like a troll.

Taking selfies is an art, and I’m here to help you accomplish that art. Here are some quick tips and tricks to take a perfect selfie.

Get reading and get snapping!



1. Lights: You NEED good lighting for a good selfie. If you try to take selfies at midnight with a pout then it’s going to look like an elephant without a trunk. Make sure that the light isn’t behind you or exactly above you. You don’t want a shadow of your arms over your face. Don’t feel shy to try out all the angles until you find the right place with the perfect light that enhances your gorgeous features. The magic hours of taking pictures are one hour after the sunrise and one hour before the sunset.


Know your good side.


2. Good side: Know your good side. Generally we all have that one side which is better than the other. The cheekbones, eyes, hair, nose, lips, eyebrows, chin, everything just looks finer. If you don’t know yours yet then start experimenting. Tilt your head left and right while viewing yourself on your phone’s camera until you find the perfect pose that makes your features stand out.



2016-02-02-11-09-15-141 (2)


3. Accessorize: Everyone takes selfies so what makes yours stand out? Make the selfie more attractive and unique by wearing some nerd glasses, aviators, goggles, caps, hats, long earrings, bows, tiaras, earphones, anything that matches what you’re wearing and is handy. This gives an appealing effect to the picture. Accessorize and appeal!



Screenshot_2016-02-20-23-27-37 (2)
When in doubt, pout.

4. Not just face: Selfies just don’t mean taking a picture of your face. It is a picture taken of you, by you. If you want to show off those comfortable sneakers you bought or those elegant red pumps, simply take a picture of you wearing those. You do great nail art? Take a picture of those amazing nails and show your talents to the world. Got a new lipstick? Pout and click a picture of just the lips. Strike a flattering pose and snap away!


CYMERA_20160218_174837 (2)


5. Easy click: Holding the phone with one hand and keeping it steady while posing and clicking can be a little tricky. Easy way is to use the volume buttons, most of the phones have this feature to help you take a better picture. Another way is to use headphones, the button to take calls can also be used to take pictures. So now you can take selfies while listening to your favorite songs.





6. The rule of thirds (Not center): A lot of people don’t know about this rule. It is pretty simple and gives the picture a new angle in itself. Instead of putting yourself in the center of the picture, be at the top-right or top-left corner of the frame. It helps even more when the background is beautiful, that way your selfie has both, your lovely face and the wonderful background. Try never to keep your face exactly in the center of the frame, its a selfie not a passport photo.

Screenshot_2016-02-20-23-26-49 (3)


7. Turn and tilt: An easy trick to strike a different pose is to turn your face and tilt your face a bit backwards. Raise the camera just above your eyes to remove double chin and highlight your jaw line. Swipe all hair to just one side. There are about a hundred different angles and ways to take a selfie, start experimenting.





8. Silly faces: Make funny faces to highlight the selfie and make it look different. Grin, laugh, smile, frown, pout, wink, make a silly face. And no, don’t do the duck face.




C360_2015-04-01-15-52-28-974 (2)


9. Mirror selfie: If you are wearing an amazing outfit and want it show it to the world, take a mirror selfie. The mirror should be full length so that your whole body can fit in the frame. Angle your body to left or right to make your waist look slimmer. Lean on the wall, twist your legs a bit, put a hand on the hip, cock a hip way out to make the body look slender, cross your legs at the ankle are just some of the many poses. Try a few different poses and snap away the best!






10. Selfie of the selfie: Everyone takes selfies, they are common. Instead get someone to take a picture of you while you take a selfie. It is fun, flattering and not something everyone does.



For more ideas and tricks about poses and to take amazing pictures follow my Instagram account: womanonrampage. Instagram account.

Comment below if you have any other tips.

Snap away people! Show off your gorgeous face to the world!




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