10 reasons to smile!

10 reasons to smile.

So what if you woke up with one sock missing, if you fought with your loved one, if you don’t necessarily enjoy waking up in the morning only to go somewhere you don’t want to, if the person you want to talk to just doesn’t hear your thoughts telepathically and text you.

Even though they may be valid reasons to sulk and spoil your mood, it doesn’t have to be that way.

Here are 10 reasons you should smile and show those pearly whites daily even if that’s the last thing you want to do.



  1. A smile can change your day: Remember that random stranger who smiled at you? Bet you do. And that smile from a person you didn’t even know somehow made you smile right back. You felt good, accepted, it was a moment when you received happiness and spread it back. Imagine bringing that smile, that joy on someone’s face. So buck up and plaster that smile. You never know, you might just make someone’s day.


Smile and change someone’s day!
  1. Reduce stress: Stress causes a significant percentage of problems and the one way to fight them is by smiling. It not only improves your mood but also makes the surrounding suddenly seem better.


  1. Become trustworthy: A frown on the face isn’t exactly a way to make someone feel good and welcomed. A smile on the other hand, makes you seem approachable, likable and friendly. It’s a simple key to make someone trust you. Smile and make friends!


  1. Become popular: Ever wonder how Regina George from Mean Girls or Sharpay from High School Musical became so popular? One word: smile. It doesn’t matter if it’s fake, if people see you smile they want to know the reason you radiate happiness.


  1. Reduce heart diseases: Smiling an easy lane to achieve relaxation, soothe your heart rate and make you feel at peace. Thus decreasing the chances of heart diseases. Smile to live a long healthy life!


  1. Be more productive: The second you smile, negativity takes a dip into water. You feel better, energetic and productive. A few minutes of laughter can motivate people to work harder and boost up the efficiency.


  1. Make your nemesis jealous: Seeing your enemy or someone you don’t really like instantly puts your mood into the ‘ugh’ department. It also makes them know the effect they have on you. So roll your eyes and wear that gorgeous smile to make them jealous of the reason you are blissful.


  1. Exude confidence: Confidence is the key to success and the way to get that key is by smiling. Study has proved that smiling makes you look poised and helps you move up the ladder of success.


  1. Attain youth: Smiling relaxes muscles and lifts up your spirits. It gives an immediate glow to your face and makes you look youthful and beautiful. It’s a plus point when your smile makes you more attractive to people.


  1. Smiles are for free! And who doesn’t love free stuff? It is an easy booster to forget your worries and be happy. When you have the power to create happiness why not use it?


Smile while you still have teeth! 🙂




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