First thoughts on

First thoughts on

Is this free? Honestly, that is the first thought any normal homa sapien has while registering on a website. And if it’s a blogging website, the next thought is – Can I earn through this?

I actually stumbled on WordPress while I was bored and searching on the ever reliable Google for blogging websites. And then I saw a blue link saying WordPress but that’s not what amplified my interest it was the word free next to it – ‘Create a free website or blog’.

The effect of a simple word ‘free’ on the human mind is ludicrous yet fascinating.

So I ended up clicking on the link and it gave me reasons to join the international team of wonderful bloggers. I read a few lines and clicked on the sign up. It took me fifteen minutes to think up of a username. I typed insanity – taken, then I typed crazygenes – taken. And I was thinking, ‘Wow! So many people think just like me’ and then I tried a few more but each time someone had already stolen my thoughts. Finally I got frustrated and came up with womanonrampage, obviously it wasn’t taken. Just my luck!

After typing my password, which I am not telling for obvious reasons. I scrolled and benefits of paying and getting privileges sat there taunting me. The urge to become a Premium member was immense especially after I saw the tick next to No Ads and the cross next No Ads on becoming a free member. Nobody like Ads. But then I thought who’s even going to read what I type, it would just be a waste of money as a beginner. And so I pressed on Create Blog below the free and I was finally a WordPress-ian, a free WordPress-ian.

I didn’t even know what my first blog would be about. I had thoughts about writing on how my day was which would be boring because my day was boring, every second I wished I was on my bed hugging a pillow and watching some movie instead on attending lectures about JAVA. But well life is never the way we wish for.

So I decided to share my first thoughts on WordPress. And after verifying my email, I realized that it’s very blue. Like everything is blue. I don’t know half of the settings and attributes and themes and stuff but I don’t think that the colour can be changed. Can it? Nevermind I like blue.

The second thought came after I clicked on Freshly Pressed. A lot of Caitlyn Jenner inspired posts and I definitely support him/her. It has become like a hot topic.

Also after reading a few posts I realized that people are really talented. The art of writing just flows from their mind to the tips of fingers and I am impressed. Playing with words isn’t easy and the fact that there such wonderful posts by equally wonderful people (though I know none) made me glad of my decision of signing up.

And my last thought was – I don’t think I am going to be disappointed with being a WordPress-ian.


3 thoughts on “First thoughts on

  1. Welcome to the WP World 😉 Seriously, very well written. When I saw the first post over style, found something about fashion so I can like few posts and review later but when I saw this started reading..scrolled, scrolled.. feeling wow that minute expression of feelings made me feel like I’m creating some blog again 👻 Premium!! Uff.. definitely worth for girls 🙃 Not sarcastically, but as a matter of fact any blog related to girl’s things attain much attention and popularity than general commercial ones. Those girl blogs may or may not be professional but both genders won’t ignore since for a guy he finds the things to her girl and she loves herself 😉 Uff!! See how much your first post made me scribble here 😂 Once again, hearty welcome buddy 🙂

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    1. Haha thank you so much!! This blog was the very first one I posted and it was almost a year after that I started doing fashion blogging.
      I am more of a fiction writer but on Wattpad, here it’s fashion blogging.
      I am so glad you liked the page enough to subscribe. ❤
      And thank you for the hearty welcome. 🎉
      I absolutely love your page 😍
      And Happy Diwali 🌟💥

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